• Case management: We offer comprehensive support and case management for survivors and their loved ones.
  • Therapy funding and referrals: Magen works with Yedidut Toronto’s ASAP project offering subsidized trauma therapy to victims.We assist victims with finding appropriate and affordable mental health resources in their community. We collaborate with subsidized clinics and both governmental and non-governmental resources.
  • In-person and virtual support groups: Magen sponsors and facilitates virtual and in-person support groups which create a strong community and network for participants.

    Current Magen groups include – Women in Hebrew, Women in English, Men in Hebrew, Mothers of survivors in English and Ex-wives of abusers in English.Groups are dynamic and created according to demand and need.
  • Restorative justice: Where incest has occurred or abuse has been perpetrated by a minor the trauma is magnified by familiarity with the perpetrator. There is wide-spread consensus among mental health professionals and law enforcement that it might be in the best interest of the victim to go through the restorative justice process (a therapeutic process between the victim and perpetrator) as an alternative to the penal system. Magen assists this process when appropriate.