Shana Aaronson

Executive Director

Shana holds a Bs. in Psychology, as well as certification and training in educational guidance counseling, abuse prevention, and IFS Therapy. Her experience began with mentoring at-risk youth within several programs. She was assistant director at Tzofiah, a residential, therapeutic home for adolescent girls where she supervised staff, co-facilitated DBT group sessions, and coordinated Tzofiah’s administrative needs.

She became the social services coordinator for Magen Child Protective Services, supporting families where children had been physically and sexually abused, then case manager and Magen’s executive director.

Shana volunteers as Jewish marital law coach and birth assistant for women with histories of sexual and physical abuse. She lives with her family in Mateh Yehuda, Israel

Cigal Gabay

Intake and Assessment Manager

Cigal holds a BA in Education from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Education with a special education and educational psychology focus from McGill.

Cigal is certified in Family Systems Therapy, working for many years in education and counseling sex abuse safety for children, in Canada and then Israel through the Ministry of Education. Cigal lives with her spouse and children in Bet Shemesh.

Shimon Bell

Investigations and Advocacy Coordinator

Shimon made aliyah as a child and served in the IDF’s Netzach division as a combat medic. He holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology from Ariel University, post-graduate training in criminal profiling, and has completed his internship in the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital.Shimon is currently completing his MA in Clinical Criminology at Bar Ilan University.He lives with his spouse in the Jerusalem area.

Gila Rabin

Mental Health Services Case Manager

Gila holds a BSW from Bar Ilan University, and a Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Rehabilitation and Mental Health. Gila’s previous work included providing psychodynamic therapy through the Natan Rehabilitative Hostel, and later providing therapy and case management for clients with mental disabilities, abuse histories, difficult family situations, and anxiety through the Ministry of Welfare.

Since 2015, Gila has worked with the Natan Siud Community Rehabilitation Services Center, where she provided case management services for 250 clients +, and then as the center’s supervisor, overseeing case management and responsible for training and new employee supervision. Gila lives in Raanana with her family.

Mikee Soussan

Director of Educational and Research Programs

As a teenager, Mikee Soussan began speaking publicly on abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community, and so began her career as an advocate. At 16, she made aliyah from New Jersey, and served as an officer in the IDF for three years.

Mikee earned a joint BA in clinical psychology and criminology, where she made the Dean’s list and graduated with distinction. She was the recipient of the prestigious President’s Scholarship, and has begun working towards a joint MA and Doctorate degree in Forensic Criminology with a focus on forensic interviewing techniques, planning to further her career in the field of trauma research. Mikee lives with her family in Bet Shemesh.

Odeya Harush

Investigation Director and Coordinator

Odeya holds an associates degree in criminology from the Beis Barel College. She is currently completing her BA in Social Science at the Open University, and has completed continuing education courses in psychology with Prof Yaron Ziv. Before joining the Magen team, Odeya worked as a mentor with at-risk youth. Odeya lives with her daughter in Jerusalem.

Rachel Jacobs

Project Manager

Rachel holds a BA in business management and a MA in organizational consulting. She has worked as an organizational consultant in a variety of institutions, including the Israeli police. She founded a non-profit that offers support for underserved populations and halfway housing for at-risk teens.

Additionally, she worked as a manager of a mental health clinic for at-risk youth, specializing in treatment of teenagers in the chareidi community.

Rachel lives with her family in Bet Shemesh.

Rina Deri

Administrator and Development Assistant

Rina Deri was born in London, UK and made aliyah as a young adult. Prior to her move to Israel she held office management positions in The Jewish Learning Exchange, the Ord Carmel & Kritzler Ltd property management and IDJC.

Following her move to Israel she worked in accounting management and marketing in the high-tech industry, before joining the Magen team.