• ’Chugei bayit parents’ workshops: Parents learn, discuss and process their child safety concerns facilitated by Magen staff in English, Hebrew and French. These workshops increase understanding  of grooming behaviors, the role of bystanders in creating safe communities, and how to cultivate and preserve parent-child dialogue 
  • Awareness Training: Magen frequently lectures to university students and presents at national conferences on child sexual abuse in the community.
  • Training Seminars: Our goal is to build mutual understanding and better communication between law enforcement and insular communities. We provide best practice guidelines for leaders who can influence change in their communities.
  • Social media: We reach 1000s every month via social, radio and print media informing and educating the public.
  • Guidebook: In 2021, we adapted our parent’s guidebook in English and Hebrew, offering a quick, easy resource for parents and community members committed to child safety. The guidebook includes tips for discussing personal safety with children, understanding incest, identifying warning signs and situations in which children are vulnerable, and so much more. We have begun adapting the guidebook for various countries and jurisdictions.

Educational Resources