• Support through legal proceedings: Navigating Israel’s law enforcement system can add a daunting and painful burden to existing trauma. We support victims and their families from initial police report through to final sentencing in cases that may span years.
  • Magen maintains a database of 1,500+ alleged and convicted abusers, working with in-house and private investigators, Israeli police units, law enforcement in North America, South America, and Europe, as well as journalists to expose individuals who pose a danger to the community. We coordinate with various government offices to prevent fugitives fleeing from other jurisdictions from entering Israel.
  • Campaign for changes in law and policy: Through our work, we are faced with the policies that allow offenders to avoid prosecution and render communities vulnerable. We consult on bills and research to do with: Law of Return reform, lobbying for a public sex offender registry, and stiffer sentencing guidelines for sex crimes.
  • Legal Assistance Fund: When survivors are not able to achieve justice through the criminal system, civil litigation can be a powerful if costly road to closure. Civil litigation can also remove abusers from communal leadership thus promoting institutional accountability and maximizing community safety. Funding allows lawsuit initiation and also serves as discretionary fund for victims or witnesses for travel or facilitated confrontation.
    We also assist victims with referrals for legal representation, actively support them through civil proceedings as well as cases in batei-din (religious courts).